Advent Experiences: Beauty and The Beast

December is well underway at The Gyde Zoo. The kids count backwards every night to see who gets to open the advent calendar next. Last night I learned they are scheming to see who will get the 24th. They decided to open the 24th together…a hypothetical plan that warms my heart. Reality is that someone – any one of them really – will open it before the others get in the room. There will be hollering and looks of total dejection followed by adamant declarations of who will go first next year. Me? I’ll have another sip of tea (read: wine) and smile.

Ah, traditions!

We kicked off the advent calendar action with tickets to the children’s theater for Beauty and The Beast. It was a particularly special occasion for us because our good friend Violet played Belle. We met Violet and her wonderful family through the swim team. They are all such wonderful and kind people. I remember in the summer when they were carting Violet off for auditions I said “she will be the perfect Belle” and she was the perfect Belle indeed.

The show was incredible!

Family selfie before the show!
The guys!
The gals!
We clean up fairly well with a little spit and polish!
Kathryn, Violet, Ben (Violet’s brother and James’ friend), James
Gydes with Ben and Belle and Gaston!

Ben and James with The Beast
She was the perfect Belle!

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