Geoffrey Castle 2018: Our 3rd Show

Several year ago we saw a Geoffrey Castle performance for the first time in Kellogg, Idaho. We loved the show so much! We purchased sets of his CD’s for ourselves and family and spent the next several months continuing our journey through Geoffrey’s incredible music. We listened in the car…we listened at the house…we listened on the ski hill. The kids loved using “GC” to ramp up their day of ski racing! Perhaps the greatest gift our family received from that initial concert was that James (in second grade at the time) declared he wanted to play the violin.

A few months later, we saw our second GC show – his Celtic Christmas celebration – at Washington State University. It was quite an experience! For the Christmas shows, Geoffrey invites guest musicians and Irish dancers from the Seattle Irish Dance Company. We were once again amazed at the incredible sights and sounds of Geoffrey’s music.

This holiday season, as a part of our Advent celebration, we attended our third Geoffrey Castle performance at Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake, Washington. It was serendipitous that we were already in Moses Lake for a swim meet. After the swim races on Saturday we cleaned up and headed out to the show. It was another incredible experience! We feel so lucky to live in Geoffrey’s back yard (he lives in the Seattle area) so we can get to his shows when he tours the area!

If you haven’t heard of Geoffrey Castle before, please allow YouTube and me to introduce him:

And, if you ever need a GC ramp up for your day of skiing or whatever moves you, please watch one of our all-time favorites:

Finally, it’s important to know that our second grader James who wanted to play the violin is still enjoying his music journey on the violin (and now the guitar, too) in the sixth grade:


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