Be Intentional: I Create Every Day

In the last several weeks I’ve been creating intentions. Sometimes they are daily intentions like this: I create every day…or this: I say YES or NO when necessary. Other times I create intentions in the moment like this: keep it together girl…or this: it’s ok to be thinking it but DON’T say it out loud!

My new favorite daily intention is that I create every day. My friend asked me the other day if I ever lose track of time when I’m quilting. Yes! Oh my goodness do I lose track of time when i quilt! I lose track of time when I knit too! Accordingly, when I set the intention to create every day I also set my timer…because 20 or 30 minutes of creative work helps me grow. That said, after 427 minutes my patience is…well…it wanes. However, after several days of purposeful creating time, I start to have a sizable pile of little fabric beauties!

Pictured above are the first 15 blocks (not arranged in their permanent format but in numeric order thus far) from Tula Pink’s book:

Fifteen down, eighty-five to go. One creative day at a time!

I think these intentions are helping me to be the best version of myself! Do you have daily or spur-of-the-moment intentions that help you to be the best version of yourself? Please tell me about them in the comments, I love hearing how you learn and create and grow!

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