New Adventure: Cross Country Skiing

Last Tuesday we went on a new adventure: cross country skiing! To be honest I wasn’t sure what I would think about it because some of the folks I’ve known in the past were very discerning (read: snooty…and then imagine Ferris Bueller bantering with the maitre de at that fancy Chicago restaurant. Snooty? Snooty. Snotty? Snotty…I can never say or type the word snooty and not think of that movie scene, ha!) which is to say they made it seem that the snow and track must be of the highest quality in order for cross country skiing to be joyful.

Well in my short experience as a nordic skier that is not the case! Hop in the car with some fun-loving friends and prepare for a great time filled with laughter and a fantastic workout!

Check it out:

Lesa, Jill, and Me!
Jill is a great teacher! Lesa didn’t fall once! Me, not so much! I fell down four times…or was it five?
Winter time in the woods is really special!
Here, the river is frozen?
Not quite halfway and still having so much fun!
What a great place for exercise in the winter!
A nice place for a winter bathing experience?
This would be a great spot to visit during all the seasons!
Chihuly glass sculpture at The Sleeping Lady resort.
One more snowy selfie with the Chihuly glass! Such a fun day!

Today, we are out trying something new: snowshoeing! I’ll share that experience soon but I already know it will be fun! Stay tuned…


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