Made For More

Last week we made a road trip over to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to see the documentary Made For More about the Rachel Hollis Rise Conference for Women. It was only playing in select locations and we enjoyed the journey! My friend Rachel and her girl Violet (who played Belle in Beauty and The Beast) joined Lillian, Kathryn, and me. We saw the movie then, afterwords, went for burgers and some excellent mother-daughter-sister-friend dialog about what it means to live our best lives as young (and younger, ha!) women. We stayed up way too late in our hotel and had so much fun together learning and growing!

There should be an announcement coming soon from The Hollis Company about Made For More being available at Amazon or Netflix so we can view it again from home. The movie is 90 minutes of documentary-style coverage of Rise Weekend with 30 minutes of coaching from Rachel’s new book Girl, Stop Apologizing. Here are the takeaways from the coaching:

Five Things to Focus on Right Now (please note that I typed these notes as I sat in the theater…change the pronouns accordingly):

1. Physical Environment…if I want more from my life I must start at home. Put on some music and clean things up! What can I do to make me feel like I can take on the world? What are the things that make me feel energized? Set up my environment to set up for success.

2. Personal Environment…take care of my health. Being in exceptional health is not about how I look…its about how I feel. Five to thrive. What can I do every single day as a touchstone to come back to? How do I feel?

3. Community…I am the combination of the 5 people I spend the most time with. If I’m the smartest, most motivated, most encouraging person in the room then I’m in the wrong room. Proximity is everything. When I’m around people who are better at x, y, or z then I become better at those things. Seek community with people who are excelling. Read books, listen to podcasts, watch YouTube. In an age of this much information, ignorance is a choice. Go find a community…wherever it takes. To be better, do better.

4. Morning Routine…what can I do to start the day strong? Let it be sacrosanct. The morning routine sets the day for success. Preorder Girl, Stop Apologizing. (On its website)

5. Habits…check them. Gym, brushing teeth, self care are good habits. Drinking, emotional eating, overworking are bad habits. Check them. A habit is three things: Cue, Action/Reaction, Reward/Outcome. For example:

Cue: I’ve had a long, hard day

Action: I’m going to have a hot bath and cup of tea while I listen to an audiobook or podcast.

Outcome: I feel better

Another example:

Cue: I’m angry at my boss/spouse/kids/neoghbor/mailman…

Action: I’m pouring a BIG glass of wine

Outcome: poor sleep and a fuzzy head the next day

Habits…check them.

Each of us took something unique away from seeing this film. We all laughed and cried! I am beyond glad that we included our daughters because their perspective was enlightening. It was so great to see and hear their reactions and share such valuable time with them.


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