Swim Meet Weekend: The Washington Open 2019

This weekend we traveled over Blewett Pass and Snoqualmie Pass to Federal Way, Washington for the biggest swim meet we have ever attended. This particular meet has qualifying times that are faster than the state cuts. Hundreds of swimmers from several states all over the country were there. The road is long to get to meets like these…and I’m not talking about the mountain passes.

The girls have put in years of training in the pool with the goal of making Washington Open time cuts. They get stronger and stronger every year and now, here we are!

Kathryn made her qualifying times during high school season in the fall. She will be swim the 50 free, 100 free, 100 fly, and 100 breast plus 2 relays.

Lillian broke her hand during high school season…have you heard that story?

It was a rainy day in Wenatchee. I know it was raining because on that particular day we agreed to host the girls swim team for a dinner at our home. Before you go thinking that our house is ginormous…slow down. Our house is compact, but we have a pretty sizable patio out back! My plan was to rent tall cocktail tables so the girls could stand around and eat their pork BBQ sandwiches (smoked by Mr. Gyde, of course). However, that night, in the city that averages 300 days per year of sunshine, it was pouring rain.

So, James and I were out back trying to figure out how to pack 40 people into a sardine can when Jamie pulled up with Lillian…ice bag over her swelling hand and tears staining her sweet face.

What happened?

Well, both Lillian and Kathryn were sharing a lane at practice…both were coming off the wall…Lillian in a streamline under water…and Kathryn taking her first breast stroke kick. And, then there was a collision between Lillian’s hand and Kathryn’s foot.

Our daughter broke our other daughter’s hand at swim practice! They DO NOT include this in the what-to-expect parenting books for crying out loud!

So, I grabbed up Lillian and left Jamie and James to figure out the BBQ and sardines and we went to the ER.

She broke her fourth metacarpal. Fast forward to the visit with the orthopedic doc and she told him she planned to finish her swim season. Truthfully? I though he might pat her shoulder and gently tell her no. Instead he made several phone calls and set us up with a hand therapist who made her a waterproof brace for her hand. He also gave her a dry brace for when she wasn’t in the water.

She rocked that brace and she finished strong at the district meet:

She swam right at her best times!

After high school season ended and Lillian had a full two weeks out of the water, we were back to club swimming. It was Lillian’s last event at the last meet she could qualify for the Washington Open…and she did it (if you watch the video I recommend lowering the volume because yours truly was cheering psychotically loudly 😁):

Lillian’s Washington Open Qualifying 50 Free

What a great race! Because of her time in that 50 Free, Lillian got to swim the 50 Free, 100 Free, and 100 Breast at Washington Open.

We are so proud of both girls for all their hard work to earn a spot at the Washington Open! Like I said, it’s a long road of training and racing and healing broken hands and supporting each other and training and training and training…

Friday Highlights

Lillian 50 Free (click for the video…and lower the volume) Lillian is in the tropical print bathing suit and turquoise cap. She dropped 0.13 seconds!

Kathryn 50 Free (click for the video…and lower the volume) Kathryn is in the black suit and turquoise cap. She dropped 0.67 seconds!

After we finished up we went to The Seattle Aquarium for the afternoon:

Selfies…I love them! The family…not so much!
So we tried again…and then they walked away!
The tanks here are immaculately beautiful…and I’m pretty sure that Puffer Fish runs things!
The octopus is always my favorite! I’m working on a thread sketch of an octopus (based on a photo of an octopus at Maui Ocean Center) and I gained enormous perspective today with this female octopus…her name is Bailey.
Beauty everywhere!
I hope I get to photograph them at the touch tank when they are 40 😊
Good news!

Saturday Highlights

Kathryn 200 Medley Relay (Freestyle Split 25.80) Her best time! She’s been aiming for a 25! Woohoo!!!!

Kathryn 100 Fly She dropped 1.61 seconds!

Lillian preparing for the 100 Breast

Lillian 100 Breast She dropped 4.15 seconds!

She was happy with her 100 Breast!
Kathryn preparing for the 100 Breast

Kathryn 100 Breast She dropped 3.71 seconds!

Kathryn 4 x 100 Free Relay (3rd Leg) Lillian was the videographer here 😊

Other Saturday fun…

Jamba Juice break with friends!
The cheering squad 😍
Late lunch at Chick-Fil-A (we don’t have one where we live)

Sunday Highlights

Ahhh, Sunday, the last day! We are tired!

Here’s Kathryn before her 100 Free:

And after her 100 Free:

Truthfully, Kathryn has a sore throat and a cough today. Her first words this morning were “hey, I need Tylenol”. She added a bit of time (0.16 seconds) in her 100 Free but finished this meet strong!

Kathryn 100 Free

Lillian’s 100 Free was great too! She dropped 0.13 seconds!

Lillian 100 Free

The drive back was uneventful and we were happy to be home! Ruby and Garnet were excited to see us and Reggie the bird was happy to have people to supervise again. We unpacked our bags and piled ourselves in the family room for our 576th viewing of Avengers Infinity War.

Another swim meet in the books!


  1. Wow, that’s impressive. I can barely relate to shaving 3 – 4 seconds off my time. Let me see, 1 – 1000, 2 – 1000, 3 – 1000. Yep, there it is, or as Jerry Seinfeld would say, “From now to now. That’s close. Congrats


  2. That sure was a fun weekend! Lots of great swimming, family fun and great stories from Federal Way. That sure was a busy weekend, Good Times


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