Currently I Am…They Are…And You?

I Am Quilting...

  • I’m still working on the Tula Pink City Sampler quilt blocks…those will be on the sewing table for quite some time.
  • I also finished up two paper pieced Zenchic “Globes”…one went to the Round Robin Challenge in our Modern Quilt Guild and the other will be a wall hanging. I’m looking forward to having fun quilting it up.
  • I’m also going to bring out my octopus thread sketch piece and keep going. I started her before Christmas and took a break when I needed to finish up my gift sewing. Here she is so far:
A few hours down and many, many more to come!

She is based on a photo I took when we visited the Maui Ocean Center a few years ago:

I always stay near the octopus too long…but I can’t resist them! They are scientific wonders, really, and fascinating creatures!

I Am Knitting...

  • A scarf for me made from this beautiful bamboo yarn:

  • I also finished up three more hats for Jamie, James, and Lillian. I love knitting hats because they are quick. I can usually finish one up while we watch a movie (I like big yarn and big needles 😁)

I Am Reading...

  • Still working on Braving The Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone by Brene Brown…and loving it!
  • I abandoned Wild: From Lost to Found on The Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed for many reasons but I dumped it permanently after the horse incident. I think she tells a tall tale and I’m just not that into it.
  • Up next is Educated by Tara Westover.

I Am Podcasting...

I should add here that I listen to Podcasts while I work on other things like the dishes quilting.

I Am Learning...

  • Conversational Spanish, Level 1 with Mr. Gyde
Here we are practicing our conversational Spanish skills!
  • How to make my own Kombucha from my friend Lesa
  • Snowshoeing…another fabulous way to get outside and see Mother Nature in all her winter glory!
  • Cross Country Skiing. We went again this week and I had a yard sale (read pancake splat fall flat on my back). I swear you would think I’m heliskiing down some ginormous volcanic ridge…but, no. I’ve seen driveways in the midwest with steeper grades. I’m working on it..but those hills are a work in progress 😉
  • How to film myself for web content…I found Peter McKinnon on YouTube and I dig him! He is funny and knowledgeable!

I Am Moving My Body by...

  • Yoga every day at home with Mr. Gyde. We are following on a 30-day yoga journey with Adriene on YouTube. We both love it!
  • Skiing (cross country and downhill)
  • Snowshoeing

They Are…

  • Jamie is working hard to get everyone (surgeons, nurses, and support staff) trained on the robot that was recently delivered. Next week he will fly to Arizona for a cadaver lab with several surgeons. Jamie is also learning a few guitar chords so he can play Carlos Santana’s Oye Como Va with James.
  • Lillian is entering the last day of her cumulative semester final exams. She’s feeling great about how things will finish up. Last night at dinner she told us how much she is looking forward to next semester but is worried because, for the first time in a long time, she won’t have a science class. Be still my heart! She is considering switching her study hall to Chemistry but track season is starting soon so we shall wait and see what she decides.
  • Kathryn came home from the swim meet last weekend with a nasty cold. Sometimes it is hard to tell which is winning, Kathryn or the life-sucking plague she is battling. She also has final exams this week but many are just regular chapter tests disguised as a final exam. She keeps a cool head during weeks like these and I just take notes…because FINAM EXAMS FREAK ME OUT!
  • James is working on his science fair project this week entitled “Pet African Grey Parrot Vocalization Frequency”. His hypothesis is that Reggie will vocalize most in the evening because that is when the family is cooking and eating dinner. So far, the hypothesis is wrong…the highest vocalization is in the afternoon…so James will have much to discuss in the conclusion of his research.

What are you all doing? What are you reading, creating, learning. and working out? Are you thinking of trying anything new?


  1. Busy, busy, busy! A full life sure is fun, thank goodness for having a family that runs full steam ahead. Something new everyday!


    1. Hope to see you this coming summer, Jamie. I still want to get you what is purported to be the world’s best horseshoe in the world at D’Arcy’s Pint in Springfield. You and Thea are amazing parents and are an amazing family. I am so proud of all of you! Love you


  2. Bill and I had a Feet and Eat birthday celebration for me today as I hit the big 88. We had a side by side pedicure at Inner Harmony and than lunch at Little Mexico. Stopped at the Salvation Army Store for me to get a pancake turner, two whisk package that I spotted the other day, didn’t buy and was then sorry. Got all 3 for $1.06. Bargain. See my ENT doctor tomorrow to check out my nose and then I’m done with the medical profession for a time. Really cold here and going to be much worse over the weekend with wind chill putting us below zero. Oh, well, it is winter. When spring comes weeds, mosquitoes etc. all at once. Glad you are having a busy, productive, enjoyable life. I don’t believe I sent Lily a popsicle check so I should send her one for her broken hand and Kathryn one for the cold. Probably send one to you for both. Spanish class sounds interesting. Sure would come in handy here. We have a lot of French speaking Africans here, too. They have such beautiful clothes.
    I am so proud of all of you!


    1. I’m so glad you had a good birthday! It’s hard to beat a good pedicure and a nice lunch! James and I went to the thrift store again yesterday and I found a nice shallow basket that will house my Tula Pink quilt-in-progress. Because each block us built individually I am constantly laying out, measuring, cutting, and sewing. With this basket I can corral the fabric pile when I want to work on other projects 😁
      We love you! XOXO


  3. A lot of nothing compared to all that, but who is comparing and I am just me and hubby. So…I am quilting for both work and pleasure. Attempting to create and publish 3 quilt patterns, while knowing very little about word processing. I am learning. Drafting for yourself is so much easier than drafting for a pattern. Who knew…everything has to be right and somewhat understandable. That is hard.
    I am getting outside in the beautiful sunshine and snow.
    I am keeping up with my grandkids which means staying fit and energetic. Whew.
    I am enjoying life!


    1. I am so excited for you Jill! I can’t wait to visit your exhibit at the quilt museum and, moreover, I’m giddy to try out one or all of your patterns!
      I am so grateful to share the beautiful outdoors with you ⛷


  4. I am working A LOT right now. Traveling to nursing programs all over Washington and Oregon promoting Confluence Health’s Nurse Residecy program. I love connecting with college students who are thrilled to be finishing college and about to start their new career, it brings me great joy sharing in their big accomplishment!
    I am a mom to 4 swimmers which means when I am not traveling for work, I am traveling all over the state to cheer my kiddos on…currently I am on my way home from League Champs in Moses Lake. 😊
    I am helping my lovely daughter prepare for her vocal auditions for summer intensives and voice competitions…this could be a full time job for someone, but then I would miss it and watching her grow brings me so, so much joy!
    I am currently reading Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming” and Brené Brown’s book “Braving the Wilderness”. I finished “Educated” and it was outstanding! Don’t forget Tara Westover is coming to Wenatchee in April!
    I am watching the greatest series of small documentaries on Netflix. It’s called “7 Days Out” I know you and your family will love it, so check it out!
    I am considering starting a blog – you have encouraged me! I am just trying to design a framework…I’ll keep you posted.

    That’s all for now because typing this out on my iPhone is painful!


    1. It is a glorious and busy life! I am using wordpress to house our blog. There are many snazzy frameworks to choose from.
      I started a new (audio) book yesterday called Radical Candor and I love it! I will check out the documentary you suggested…it sounds really good!
      I am excited to see you tomorrow poolside and next week for some collaborative time 😊


  5. I was interested to see your reference to Rachel Hollis. Two weeks ago I went to Salt Lake City for “Be You Training”, and this Conference for women was part of the conversation. I had an amazing experience there, and will go to Training, part 2 in March. You are never too old to “learn new tricks” a mantra that I see you and Jamie embrace. I know the Powell girls were excited to see your kids. Love you, Linda


    1. “Be You Training” sounds like such a great experience! Was it for women only?
      The Rachel Hollis Made For More movie will be streaming on Amazon sometime this month. It’s a great documentary because it gives a sneak peek into what the Rise conference is all about.
      Love you too!


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