Her Name is Cynthia

Meet Cynthia, the Anna’s Humminbird who is spending her winter in our back yard. We hung and refreshed this feeder all summer long with no visitors. Nary one Hummingbird until we talked about taking the feeder down for the season when Cynthia showed up. She has a male counterpart who comes around from time to time but Cynthia is here on her regular feeding schedule morning, afternoon, and sometimes evenings too.

The trouble is that it’s below freezing here so the feeder freezes. We’ve been bringing the feeder inside after Cynthia’s last evening meal and putting it back out before she comes for breakfast. Last night, however, we forgot! This morning Jamie realized that poor Cynthia’s food was frozen so he brought it inside to run it under hot water to thaw. She showed up for breakfast before he could replace the feeder and buzzed all around his head while he was trying to hang the food!

We love having a winter visitor in our back yard! Jamie is especially fond of her…he calls from work to ask if she’s been around lately.

Next weekend when we go to Wallace to meet up with some friends I will have to leave additional instructions for our pet sitter to be sure that the Cynthia is taken care of outside.

Read more about Anna’s Hummingbirds here, here, and here.


  1. When I was about 5, my father had a robin who depended on him to dig worms every day. One day we were leaving and he had failed to dig for her. She flew around the windshield and did not give up until he shut of the car engine and dug some wormd. Humming birds are among the more aggressive and, obviously, get attached. Love that you have her.


    1. Ha, that’s such a great story! The websites we’ve consulted say that once the hummingbirds find the back yard feeders they rely on them to get through the winter. We don’t mind đŸ˜‰


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