Swim Meet Success

Last Friday I loaded up the car with two middle schools boys and all their gear. We pointed our wagon East toward Coeur d’Alene for the 2019 Jr. Championship swim meet. Jamie and the girls stayed home so it was James and me plus his good friend Ben, who came along for moral support.

Our plan was to stay in Wallace but the weather didn’t agree. We crossed the Washington-Idaho state line into a blizzard so we decided to pivot and stay in a hotel.

Have you ever stayed in a hotel room with two middle school boys? No? Well, they are absolutely hysterical! They giggle and laugh and fart. Constantly. The laughing leads to farting and then they laugh some more! I should have packed earplugs and some essential oil! Don’t worry though, I survived!

Parent revenge looks like this:

Scene: all three of us are brushing our teeth at the tiny hotel sink. I’m at the sink and taking my sweet time. They are shifting their feet from side to side while pointing to their soapy toothbrush faces and moaning.

“Hold on”, I say, “Keep brushing”

I continue to hover over the sink…brushing away.

More tortured pantomiming ensues until, finally, I rinse and clear a path for them to get to the sink.

“This toothpaste is so minty”, they moan, “you took too long!”

“Well, after last nights giggly farty shenanigans I figured that even if your bums are rotten that your mouths should be fresh!”

They laughed and laughed!

We had a good time! There was also some fabulous swimming! Here is the video summary:

James 2019 Jr. Championship

It is a bit of a shock to see three days’ worth of a swim meet condensed into a 20 minute video. We passed the time in between swims with knitting and quilt daydreaming and YouTube and basketball and rock climbing and air hockey and hiding from girls…😊


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