Vet Week at The Gyde Zoo

Hear ye, hear ye! Vet week at The Gyde Zoo is underway!

Translation: we are making it rain!

On Monday the two hound dogs (Ruby and Garnet) went to see the young Dr. Wormenhoven at our local vet clinic. They were there for an evaluation of their teeth for a deep cleaning. They are the absolute best dogs to take into the vet because they love to go ANYWHERE as long as they are together!

Dr. Wormenhoven gave them a thorough exam, updated their vaccinations, and wrote us an estimate for dental work. Since I reached my sarcasm quota last week, I’ll just say the the estimate is outrageous high. But, thankfully, there is a ten percent discount!

Besides, it’s hard to be upset about the care of such joyful dogs!

Ruby, waiting for Garnet to come back from getting her shots
Garnet, waiting for Ruby to come back from getting her shots…and considering a nice nap while she waits!

Today, His Royal Highness Reggie Bird will see Dr. Womack for a nice trim of his beak and nails plus an evening out of his beautiful flight feathers.

Hopefully, today is NOT the day that Reggie breaks his weeks-long streak of NOT biting anyone…and hopefully if he bites someone it isn’t me!

Also this week, Stopsign the horse will be set up for a series of seven magic injections of unicorn skin to help his joints this upcoming show season. It isn’t really unicorn skin…but it does help horse joints!

I’ll tell you more about sweet Stopsign in another post this weekend.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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