Wenatchee Gems

A couple of Wednesdays ago the ladies at knitting club were discussing a new business that opened up at Pybus Public Market. Did you know that Wenatchee has the second largest public market in the state of Washington? We love to go to Pybus for a variety of things like delicious cheeses, gourmet olive oils, fresh flowers, meats, homemade gelato, pizza, etc.

Now, we can add artisan goat milk skin care from Anderson Family Farm to our list of gems here in Wenatchee. Our group decided to register for the evening experience event and I am here to tell you, we had a fabulous evening!

Everything about the Anderson Family Farm shop at Pybus Market is perfect. The glitzy farmhouse decor provides the perfect backdrop for the beautiful goat milk products lining the shelves.

The Anderson’s, Rick and Kimberlee, graciously walked us through many of the products in their skin and body care line. They are a wonderful couple who have been married for forty years. Kimberlee told us they are having fun getting to know one another again after raising seven kids for all these years!

We started the evening with an herbal steam to open our pores and release the toxins from our skin:

Next came the masks! Rose, French green, and charcoal are used to rid the skin of impurities. I tried all three on different parts of my face. Lesa said I looked like a wild animal!

While our face masks dried were invited to try the goat milk salt scrub on our hands. Incredible! There are seven wonderful scents and I think each of us tried something different. I went with my favorite standby, lavender.

After our masks we tried the facial scrub and cleansing oil before moving on to the day cream and night cream.

We had a wonderful evening! I highly recommend trying out the skin banquet event from Anderson Family Farm! And be sure to let me know if you want company because I’d gladly go again and again!

Susie, Lesa, Deb, Deb, Me, Rachel…see our glowing skin!

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