Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Several weeks ago my talent agent son mentioned that his science teacher was pregnant. He said he told her “all about” me and that she wanted me to email her about her maternity leave. Actually, that conversation with James was what spurred me to complete the remaining 822 steps to becoming a certified teacher in Washington.

So I sent that email a couple of weeks ago and am now happy to report…

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to sixth grade I go!

As long as her baby comes as planned I will start after spring break and stay until the end of the year! I plan to cover a couple of days for her last few doctor appointments…starting today!

I’m looking forward to being back in a science classroom. I am really excited to be at the same school with James. It’s hard to believe the last time we were in the same school was in Florida when he was in kindergarten.

Reggie will come to class with me once I have the chance to meet the students and find a place in the classroom that will be suitable for HRH (His Royal Highness). In the meantime, he can stay home and preen while he supervises the dogs!


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