Modern Quilt Guild Robin Goes Round Two

At the February meeting of our Moses Lake Modern Quilt Guild we sent our round robin quilt centers for the second round. We had the opportunity to see what everyone has done so far:

My “Globe” has a new gem added.
The circle of geese now has a string of colorful blocks.
The set of three log cabin bird houses are coming together! Two have been sewn together and surrounded by a flowery border. The third awaits to see what the next person will do.
The geometric center has been bordered with colorful arches. Those are inset arches…wow!

There is a fifth round robin center that was misplaced. My heart breaks for the gal who worked so hard to send a piece into the round robin to have it become lost. I hope, like Scout in the movie To Kill A Mockingbird, that it isn’t lost but just not found. Remember in that movie when Jem accuses Scout of losing her shoes and she hollered back at him “I didn’t lose ’em I just can’t find ’em!”

I hope we find it…

In any case I came home with a new project to work on! Carol’s center came with some special instructions:

Have fun adding to my circle of geese! Please don’t add anything on…
…I’d love if you created a new block (or two) that is about the same size as mine. Favorite colors: pink, black, and metallics. (Green, not so much!)

Carol, my blocks are bigger than yours!! I hope they will fit in later – I also added some Strips of metallic…
…in case someone wants to use and they dont have any. – Barb B.
I got to work pulling some fabrics that I thought might be a good fit.
This is what I came up with!
Carol, I had so much fun creating for your round robin! I’ve been reading and practicing…
…slashing fabric with Victoria Findlay Wolfe. I’m also working on a hexi quilt so I made slashed wonky hexis for you plus a…
…string star. Thank you for the opportunity to create pretty things for you. -Thea

Later this month we will exchange again…stay tuned!

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