Saturdays and Super Heros

This weekend we were at home. Just typing out those words doesn’t quite convey how happy I was to be at home this weekend. So, instead, picture Tom Cruise (crazy Scientology views aside) in Risky Business and his tighty whities sliding in to Bob Seger’s Old Time Rock and Roll…

Click here if you need a visual

Anyway, that’s me! Home on a weekend! Woohoo!

On Saturday we returned to one of our favorite rituals of tacos and a movie after spending the better part of the morning lazing around the house in our pajamas.

Our favorite casual taco joint here in Wenatchee is Tacos Pipu. We learned of Tacos Pipu when we moved here and Jamie asked everyone from the grocery store to the bank where the best Mexican food is in our town. The bank teller turned us on to Tacos Pipu and we absolutely love it! Tacos Pipu is family-owned, very casual, and extremely tasty! The menu is small and everything is homemade. Our standard order is chicken quesadillas, ceviche (served Friday and Saturday only), shrimp a la cucaracha, and several beef and chicken street tacos.

Chicken street tacos…there is a homemade Salsa bar to dress ’em up with cilantro, lime, and freshly sliced radish!
Shrimp a la cucaracha…spicy and delicious!

After we filled ourselves up we went to the movies to see Captain Marvel. We love the Marvel movies. We spend the better part of our family meal time discussing theories and outcomes of the movies, how they compare to the comic books, and how smokin hot Chris Hemsworth is our favorite Avengers.

Captain Marvel, the movie, is the origin story of Captain Marvel, the super hero, played by Brie Larson. Captain Marvel is a badass! I’m not going to give anything away except that we can’t wait to see her in Avengers Endgame…which we will do sometime in April…with a belly full of tacos!


  1. The food sounds and looks geat. I read a lot of Captain Marvel comic books when I was young especially since brother Bob worked at the news agency and got them free. Also read a little about the moviie and found that Captain Marvel is now a woman. Cool!!! Bill


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