Ozzie, Please Meet Marie

A couple of weeks ago I decided to clean and organize my sewing room. In the interest of full disclosure, I must add that I have other hidey holes around the house for fabric so those areas were included in the cleaning and organizing. I knew it was time to get this done because it was beginning to feel like Ozzy Osbourbe was going off the rails on his crazy train in my sewing space! Yikes!

Here are the before photos:

Several WIP’s (Works In Progress) spread over the chair and on the bed
Clearly this is everything but the kitchen sink spread everywhere!
I am in desperate need of shelf space!
My sewing nook.
Quilts that need binding…quilts that need repair…fabric…fabric…fabric

Here’s the thing, sometimes being creative is messy! Luckily the Marie Kondo Tidying Up craze didn’t pass me by…

Ozzie, please meet Marie.

New, tall shelves with clear plastic bins so I can see everything inside!
The small, clear bins contain my quilting cottons organized by color. The tall grey drawers are smaller WIPs such as art quilts and bits of fabric for travel bees and other quilt guild challenges. The large grey bins contain some old tshirts and jeans that will, one day, be sewn into quilts. The hanging coat and sweater dress are going to be refashioned into something new!
My sewing nook, all clean and ready to sew! I keep two small baskets for my scrap pieces and strips underneath the desk. I keep any fabric pieces that are at least 1.5 square inch and strips at least 1 inch wide. One day I’ll have enough for an incredible scrap quilt!
Now that I have shelves to store my WIPs the bed and chair are cleared off!
Two bags, one for each quilt guild, hang with my quilty homework inside…ready to go to the next meeting!

During this process, I condensed all fabric into the sewing room so I can see what I have to work with. No more hidey holes around the house! I sorted through all my fabric and neatly packed away the cuts and colors that, like Marie Kondo says, spark joy for me. The fabric and notions that no longer spark joy were packed up and sent over to the quilt guild for the Fabric and More sale later this spring. It’s an incredible feeling to know that I love everything in my sewing room. I can see all my WIPs, take them out, work on them, then put them back when I want to work on something else!


  1. I love this! a beautiful thing. I know creativity can be messy but creativity can thrive in a tidy environment too. Way to go.


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