190 Collective Years…if Math and Memory Serves

This week in Dallas we were able to spend some time in between swim practices catching up with friends. As we were visiting I was having a daydream about how long each of these individuals have been a part of our family. If math and memory serves, there are 190 collective years of knowing each other! Wow, we are old fabulous!

I grew up with Stacy…since 1978…and I’m thankful there were no video devices for several of those years 😉. We’ve rendezvous’d (sorry to my high school French teacher for that apostrophe d) all over the country…Illinois, New Mexico, Indiana, Florida, Kentucky, Nevada Montana, and now Texas!
This is Kevin…he and Jamie met in 1981…Kathryn asked me when we were meeting Kevin for lunch if I thought we had changed since we last saw one another. No! Of course not! Nary a wrinkle 😉
This is Jim and his precious son Coen. Jamie and Jim met in 1980. This was our first time meeting Coen who is in the home stretch of kicking cancer’s ass. What a strong young man…he definitely takes after his dad 😉
This is Kevin and Andrew. Jamie and Andrew met in 1983. The combination of Kevin, Andrew, and a pint of beer never disappoints! They are hysterically funny 😉
This is Bryan and his incredibly kind and lovely wife Jill. Jamie and Bryan AKA “Brock” met in 1983. Jill joined our family a few years ago and together they have Adalyn and Hudson.
Adalyn is 2 and Hudson is 10 months old. 😍
Hudson is all smiles! What a cutie!
Seriously, I can’t even with this cuteness! He will be shooting hoops before we know it.
Adalyn adored Kathryn! They went everywhere together! 😍 Here they are together at Adalyn’s table…”sit, sit!” she told Kathryn before offering up all the colors of playdoh. They are also learning snapchat filters…Adalyn was especially fond of the puppy ears/tongue, ha!

There is a saying about friends being the family we choose for ourselves. Jamie and I are lucky to have these people – and all of our friends across the country – in our lives. Even when distance separates us, we are so grateful for time spent with our friends!

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