Modern Quilt Guild Robin Goes Round Three

It is April and spring is springing all around us! Tulips are about to bloom in our yard, the birds are singing, and everything is turning green.

Also, our noses are running and that really kills the mood.

Nevertheless, April is here and that means another round of the modern quilt guild round robin! Whee!

Here is where all the pieces were at our meeting:

And here is the one I came home with after the shuffle:

I love the colors and arrows and curvy edges in this piece!

Here are the fabrics I considered:

And here is what I added, not every fabric made the cut:

I did some improvisational orange and pink curves alongside the white arrow. I also added an arrow with feathers on the opposite side. I’m quite happy with how it turned out!

The owner of this piece had the great idea to include a fabric signature card that I assume she will use as the tag on the back of her quilt.

What a great idea (other names are covered to protect privacy). I need to do something like this for my round robin once it’s finished.

I think we may have only a couple rounds to go!


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