2019 Garden

When we bought this house last year we knew we wanted to improve the garden area behind the garage. We just didn’t have the energy or home improvement mojo in us to get started right away after we settled in.

This year, however, we were ready to take on the task of jazzing up the garden!

Jamie and James started off by tearing down the old raised garden beds that came with the house. They saved all the wood and repurposed it for our three new beds.
Lillian provided some assistance when she wasn’t at track practice or studying for her AP exam.
We cleaned out the flower pots and prepped them for a new year of growing.

Lillian picked out all the colorful blooms at the nursery. Ruby approves!
Three beds are finished and filled with soil. We put gravel down for a clean, finished look.
The center bed is our herb garden. Here is Reggie Bird supervising the planting work.
Grapevines on the far side of the garden.
Berries on the near side of the garden.
Tomatoes, tomatillo, and peppers are planted in the far garden bed. We bought the plants from the Ag Center at Wenatchee High School.
Bibb lettuce is coming up in the near garden bed.
And kale!
Someone is quite pleased with his work!
It is so nice to have a finished garden space that we can enjoy!

Since the garden area turned out so nicely, we decided to freshen up the patio area too!

We ripped down the gross fabric that used to hang from the ceiling…
…and replaced it with some outdoor fabric that I found on clearance at Joann’s.
We added some lighting and a new rug.
We can’t wait for evening summer meals al fresco!

May the fourth be with you! It is certainly with us! This is our 17th wedding anniversary! ❤


  1. You guys are amazing. New happy place. Love the swag roof, have always wanted to do that. Yumj.


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