Modern Quilt Guild, Round Four!

The month of May brings on another episode of the Modern Quult Guild Round Robin challenge. Last month we had a nice carpool of four ladies attend the meeting in Moses Lake. It takes about an hour and a half from Wenatchee to drive to the meeting and having company makes the trip so much better! We can talk about quilting on the drive over, talk about quilting during the meeting, and talk about quilting on the way home! Also, one of the gals is a triathlete so we talk about triathlon too!

Here is where all the pieces are to date:

I made it home with this piece:

It reminds me of a little mountain village, so I set to work on a forest and snow-capped mountain peaks.

The coniferous tree pattern comes from a pattern called “Trinket” by Allison Glass.
The snow-capped mountain peaks are from LeilaGardunia on Etsy and they are fabulous! I’m currently daydreaming about all the places I can include them!
Jenn, all beautiful villages need a forest and snowy mountain peaks! Hugs, Thea

It looks like we have two rounds to go! I’m so excited to see how these pieces will be finished!

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