Jamie, The Beanstalk, and a Mistress

As we approach the first of September our 2019 garden is in full-swing! Do you remember what it looked like in the spring?

Newly built garden beds
Freshly planted herbs…with proper supervision! Do you see Reggie Bird on the wheelbarrow handle?

Plants are doing well. The plants on the ground are volunteer pumpkins and decorative gourds. After last Halloween, I sliced them in half and put them in the garden for the birds to nibble on over the winter. Jamie said he would thin some of them out…
And yet they grew!
Now, we have a full-blown pumpkin patch out back! There is one of every variety I used to decorate our porch last Halloweeen!
See? Like these!

We are having fun with our garden. The lettuces in early summer were divine. The tomatoes are now ripening faster than we can eat them! We’ve been eating homemade marinara and gazpacho and caprese salads nearly every night.

Admittedly, we are really excited to have our own pumpkins too! We affectionately named the garden Jamie and the Beanstalk because the darned things have taken over!

Speaking of affection, Jamie has another love in his life. He spends time with her morning and night. He takes her drinks and nourishment and words of encouragement. He calls home to direct our children to do the same.

Please allow me to introduce her…

I’ve named her Felicia and he loves her. In fact, on a recent trip to Idaho for several days he loaded her into the car.

Oh yes, I hired a pet sitter to come four times per day to care for our pets.

No, off course he didn’t trust the care giver to water his beloved.

Here is a screen shot of my phone to prove it:

We all have issues, indeed.


  1. Ah! A fuschia! I had one hanging outside the back door many years ago. It was of the trailing variety and I haven’t found one since. Beautiful plant and in excellent hands with Jamie and progeny. Do you like the gravel ground cover and does it choke out weeds?


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