About Us

I’m Thea, presumably the primary author of this blog. I’m also the manager of the zoo. Some days I feel like a talent agent or an event planner or a rock star. Other days I feel like I’m in a burning car with no brakes and we are rounding a corner on two wheels…Highway to Hell is playing on the radio but one of the front speakers is blown.

I wear many hats. I am a mother and a wife and a friend and a quilter and a science teacher. I believe in trying every day to raise good kids…but sometimes I yell. I believe in being creative every day…even if doing so means creatively getting one more day out of yesterdays eyeliner. I like being with friends and eating my husbands cooking and making pretty things from fabric. I love to be outdoors. I enjoy red wine and charcuterie and well-cropped photography and exploring new places. I also like to introvert and watch paltry TV once in awhile. I like phone calls and texts and personal emails…I hate voicemail.

I am one member of this zoo that includes a handful of cool kids, one amazing man, two greyhounds, one African Grey Parrot, and an evolving batch of reptiles and fish. My hope is the other human members will write or video their own introductions soon.

Welcome, we are glad you are here with us!

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